Fundraisers for the Class of 2022:

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Many different events and fundraisers are sponsored by our junior class reps. We hope you will support us! 


Direct Donation Fundraiser - The Class of 2022 is trying something new! Help us to reduce/eliminate fundraising for After Prom/Senior Celebration 2022 by supporting our direct donation program. Invest now and reduce the financial burden during your child's senior year. 


Why should I invest now? My student is only a sophomore! After Prom is an event open to all senior SHHS students regardless of prom attendance. There is no cost at door! Students are treated to a fun, safe party that includes snacks, entertainment, and amazing prizes! If every family donates $200.00 per student, we will be able to fully fund After Prom 2022 with no additional fundraising! (Please know that we realize that every family will not be able to donate at the same level.) 


Pay $50.00 per year ... or pay $200.00 now ($50 for each of the 4 years) and be done! Get your donation form HERE!


Volunteers Needed! - Looking for parent volunteers for the Class of 2022! Whether you are able to give a little time or a lot, this year or over the next four, any time is most appreciated!  Reach out via our gmail address! We would love to have you a part of out Class of 2022 team!

The class representatives for the 2022 class are:

Claire Barone (

Alyse Driscoll (