Home & School Executive Committee:

President:  Maria Acosta-Garcia (mmagarcia05@gmail.com)

The President shall: 

  1. Preside at all meetings of the Association;

  2. Send notification of all upcoming meetings; 

  3. Oversee all business of the Association;  

  4. Along with the Executive Board, appoint all chairpersons, including: those for standing committees, fund raising projects and ad hoc committees, as deemed necessary by the Association; 

  5. Approve communications with the general membership, i.e. email blasts, web postings, newsletters;  

  6. Call general meetings when necessary; 

  7. See that the Association’s Conflict of Interest Policy is signed by Association Board members by the second Association meeting of the school year. 


Vice President:  Tracey Beck-Campbell (tracey@jtkc.us)

The Vice President shall:

  1. Plan programs for the Association;  

  2. Preside at meetings in the absence of the President;  

  3. Shall be eligible for election to president in the following year;  

  4. Succeed the President in the event that the president cannot fulfill the duties of the office. 


Secretary:  Alicia Kelly

The Secretary shall: 

  1. Record and keep all minutes of the Association meetings;  

  2. Post minutes on school website and circulate to meeting attendee email list;  

  3. Keep copies of the Association bylaws, conflict of interest policy statements and other Association governance documents in the Association minute book. 


Treasurer:  Denise Disney

The Treasurer shall: 

  1. Be responsible for recording the receipt and disbursal of all funds for the Association; 

  2. Shall consult with a president to approve unbudgeted expenses; 

  3. Provide a monthly report to the Board; 

  4. The outgoing treasurer shall present the books by July 15th for an annual review by an outside qualified community member with relevant accounting experience who has been approved by the board for the purposes of the annual review;  

  5. At the request of the Executive Board or Receiving Treasurer, provide a copy of the monthly bank statements.