Upcoming Events:

Home & School Association Event

Strath Haven Event

all SHHS events have been
postponed or canceled.

please read All school communications for updates.


​​Sept. 2                   No School - Labor Day

Sept. 3                   First Day of School (7:35am Freshman Orientation/10:35am First Block)

Sept. 4-6                Senior Portrait Retakes

Sept. 5                   Back-to-School Night (7:00pm)

Sept. 7                   Field Hockey Fundraiser: Car Wash at the High School (8:30am-1:30pm)  

                               Class of 2020 Fundraiser: Food Truck-a-Thon  INFO  (5:00-9:00pm)

Sept. 11                   Activities Assembly

Sept. 12                  Home & School Meeting (6:00pm)

Sept. 20                 3-Hour Early Dismissal (Teacher In-Service)

                               Senior Super Photo

Sept. 23-27           Spirit Week

Sept. 24-26           Underclass Photos

Sept. 25                Class of 2020 Fundraiser: Delivery of Mums (2:00-7:00pm)  FLYER

Sept. 27                 SHHS Homecoming Fall Festival (4:00pm)

                               Homecoming Game

Sept. 28                 Homecoming Dance (7:00pm)

Sept. 30                 Holiday - School Closed 

                               Class of 2021 Fundraiser: Rita's Night  FLYER


Oct. 1                     Class of 2020: After Prom Meeting (7:00pm)

Oct. 3                     Panthers Go Pink (5:00pm)

Oct. 5                     SAT I & II at SHHS

Oct. 9                     Holiday - School Closed

Oct. 10                    Home & School Meeting (6:00pm)

Oct. 14                    Teacher In-Service

Oct. 14-24               French Exchange Students Visit

Oct. 16                    PSAT - Grade 11 (in school)

Oct. 21-25              Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 23                   National Honor Society Induction (7:00pm)

Oct. 24                   Class of 2020 Fundraiser: Clothing Drive Pickup (DROPOFF 7-10:30am)

Oct. 26                   Media Halloween Parade (2:00pm)

                               ACT at SHHS


Nov. 3-5                LINK Leadership Weekend

Nov. 4                    Marking Period 1 Ends

Nov. 5                    No School - Teacher In-Service Day

Nov. 6                    Marching Band Showcase (7:00pm)

Nov. 11                    Veteran's Day Parade

Nov. 14                   Home & School Meeting (6:00pm)

Nov. 14-17              Fall Drama

Nov. 15                   1st Marking Period Report Cards

Nov. 16                   Winter Pre-Season Begins

Nov. 20                  Class of 2020 Fundraiser: Holiday Shopping at Local Home & Gifts, Media

Nov. 26                  Turkey Bowl

Nov. 27-29             No School - Thanksgiving


Dec. 5-6                 Keystone Literature Test

Dec. 7                     SAT at SHHS

Dec. 13                   AP Studio Art Exhibit (Block 4)

Dec. 14                   Class of 2020 Fundraiser: Clothing Drive Dropoff (10:00am-12:00pm)

Dec. 17                   Choral & Orchestra Concert (7:30pm)

Dec. 23-Jan. 1        No School - Winter Break 

Dec. 31                   Class of 2022 Fundraiser: Honey Baked Ham Fundraiser Deadline  LINK           


Jan. 2                     School Reopens

Jan. 4                     Class of 2021 Fundraiser: Shoe Collection Deadline

Jan. 7-8                  Keystone Algebra Test

Jan. 8                     Hi-Q - Home Contest (9:30am)

Jan. 9-10                Keystone Biology Test

Jan. 9                     Home & School Meeting (6:00pm)

Jan. 20                   Holiday - School Closed

Jan. 21                    Marking Period 2 Ends

Jan. 22-23             Semester Finals

Jan. 24                   Make-Up Exams

Jan. 24                   Class of 2020 Fundraiser: Designer Bag Bingo

Jan. 27                   Semester 2 Begins

Jan. 30                   Back-to-School Night (7:00pm)

                               American Mathematics A Contest

Jan. 30-Feb. 1       PMEA District 12 Orchestra Festival

Jan. 31                   2nd Marking Period Report Cards


Feb. 6                     American Mathematics B Contest

Feb. 8                     ACT at SHHS

Feb. 13                    Home & School Meeting (6:00pm)

Feb. 13-15               PMEA District 12 Band Festival

Feb. 13                    Rainbow Dance (7:00pm) 

Feb. 14                    No School - Teacher In-Service

Feb. 17                    Holiday - No School

Feb. 21                    Freshman/Sophomore Hop (7:00-10:00pm)

Feb. 22                   Class of 2020 Fundraiser: Clothing Drive Dropoff

Feb. 21-Mar. 1         World Language Week

Feb. 27-29             PMEA Region VI Chorus Festival

Feb. 28                   Chris King Memorial Basketball Tournament

Feb. 29                   SHHS Musical Production "Chicago"


Mar. 1                      SHHS Musical Production  "Chicago"

Mar. 4                     Spring Pre-Season Begins

Mar. 5                     Red Cross Blood Drive (in SHHS Gym)

                                Class of 2021 Parent Meeting at Iron Hill, Media (7:00-10:00pm)

Mar. 6                      3-Hour Early Dismissal   

Mar. 6-8                  SHHS Musical Production  "Chicago"

Mar. 12                    Home & School Meeting (6:00pm)

                                8th Grade Orientation (7:00pm)                         

Mar. 12-14                PMEA Region VI Orchestra Festival

Mar. 14                     SAT I at SHHS
Mar. 15                     NAHS Exhibition (Block 4)

Mar. 16                     Class of 2020 Fundraiser: Board & Brush, Newtown Sqaure (6:30-9:30pm)

Mar. 18                     Winter Instrumental Concert (7:30pm)

Mar. 21-24               SHHS Instrumental Music Trip to Orlando, FL 

Mar. 26-28              PMEA Region VI Band Festival

Mar. 28                    Class of 2020 Fundraiser: Clothing Drive Dropoff (10am-12pm)


Apr. 1                       WSSD Jazz Night (7:00pm)

Apr. 2                      Pre-ACT (10th Graders)

Apr. 3                      Marking Period 3 Ends
Apr. 6-10                 Spring Recess

Apr. 15                     3rd Marking Period Report Cards

Apr. 16                     Home & School Meeting (6:00pm)
Apr. 18                     Junior Prom (Drexelbrook Country Club, 7:00-10:00pm)

Apr. 22-25              PMEA All-State Band, Chorus, Orchestra

Apr. 23                    Class of 2019 Meeting (Block One)

Apr. 25                    Class of 2020 Fundraiser: Lincoln Test Drive: Drive for Your School (9:00am-5:00pm)

Apr. 30                    Varsity Arts Awards & Art Exhibition

                                 NAHS Induction (7:00pm)


May 2                      SAT I & II at SHHS

May 4-8                  Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4-15                 AP Testing

May 7                      Academic Awards Assembly (7:00pm)

May 8                      Faculty Appreciation Luncheon

May 13-14                Keystone Literature Test

May 14                     Home & School Meeting (6:00pm)

May 15, 18               Keystone Algebra Test

May 19, 20              Keystone Biology

May 20                    Instrumental Concert (7:30pm)

May 21                     Wall of Honor Ceremony

May 22                    Senior Yearbook Assembly

                                Senior Service Day

May 25                    No School - Memorial Day

May 27                    Choral Concert (8:00pm)

May 29                    Senior Breakfast (8:00am)

                                Senior Ball (Adventure Aquarium, 7:00-11:00pm)

May 30                   After Prom (SHHS Gym, 12:00-4:00am)


Jun. 1                       End of 4th Marking Period for Senior Class

Jun. 2                      George Slick Concert (7:30pm)

Jun. 2-3                   Final Exams for Senior Class

Jun. 3-7                   Class of 2021 Formal Pictures
Jun. 4                      Graduation Rehearsal (SHHS Gym, 10:00am)

Jun. 4                      Commemoration (Swarthmore College Ampitheater, 7:00pm)

Jun. 5                      Graduation Rehearsal (SHHS Gym, 8:00am)

                                Grad Walk, District Elementary Schools (9:30am)
                                Graduation (Neumann University, 5:00-6:30pm)

                                Senior Celebration (10:00pm-3:00am)

Jun. 6                      SAT I & II at SHHS

Jun. 10                    Junior Awards Ceremony (2:00pm)

Jun. 12                     End of 4th Marking Period

Jun. 13                     ACT at SHHS
Jun. 15-16                Final Exams

​Jun. 17                     Make-Up Exams/Students' Last Day

June 24                   Summer Band Begins

Jun. 25                    Final Report Cards (Gr. 9-12)